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Free PR service for Vets

Free PR service for Vets

CarefreeCredit offers complementary service to loans for pet owners

CarefreeCredit, which provides loans to uninsured owners of pets in need of medical attention, is now offering a free public relations service to members to help vets promote the work that they do in their local media.

Dr Stewart Halperin, BVMS, MRCVS, the vet who founded CarefreeCredit, explains the thinking behind his new free service to members: “We originally started out by helping vets provide loans to treat pets needing medical attention which wasn’t covered by insurance, allowing them to provide the care needed, while also being paid immediately, improving cash flow and reducing bad debts.

“With this new service, vets can make their services better known in their local communities, which will also boost their turnover and allow them to care for even more animals.”

Member vets of CarefreeCredit are provided access to a simple online application process that takes less than 5 minutes to complete, providing loans from £250 upwards for use against any veterinary bills. A range of credit terms are available to CarefreeCredit enrolled veterinary practices to offer their clients from 0% APR upwards. They are also the only company to offer loan rates based on risk, which means more clients are likely to be accepted for finance.

The free PR service is equally simple to activate: members simply need to contact CarefreeCredit with their request and an award-winning public relations consultant will provide the support they need – free of charge.

For further information, visit: or call 0345 313 0177.