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0% APR & Low Interest Payment Plans For Your Vet Bills

We provide 0%APR and low interest loans, with terms from 3 months upwards, to cover the cost of your vet bill with any CarefreeCredit registered vet. We pay the vet directly and you pay the lender via recurring card payment over an agreed term at the agreed interest rate.

We are an ethical company where the needs of pet owners, pets and vets come first. We pay the vets directly so that they can give their patients the best possible, as quickly as possible. We offer a way of spreading vet bills that you only pay if you need a vet. And it costs you nothing more than if you were to pay on the day of treatment (if you choose an interest free payment option).

If your vet isn’t registered with us, or if your pet has already had treatment with a vet not registered with us, we may still be able to help you by offering a low Interest loan. We do charge an administration fee for this which is dependent on your loan amount. Please see the example on this page.

* All applications are subject to age, status, affordability assessment and credit check.

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Representative Example
Loan Amount£600
Processing Fee£60
Loan Value£660
Loan Term18 Months
Monthly Repayment£39.48
Total Repayable£710.66
Interest Rate9.9% APR Representative

How does the service work?
The vet practice you use must be registered with us. You make a loan application to cover the cost of your outstanding vet bill. We pay the vet and you pay the lender via Direct Debit over an agreed term at the agreed interest rate – either 0%APR or low interest. If your vet isn’t registered with us and your pet hasn’t had treatment yet, we can advise you of any nearby CarefreeCredit registered vets.

Am I eligible to apply?
You need to be a UK resident aged between 18-80, have a personal income of at least £10,000 and a good credit rating. Please use our eligibility checklist to see if you are eligible to apply.

I am ineligible to apply, can I ask someone else to apply for me, or apply in someone else’s name?
You can ask someone else to apply in their own name, provided they are eligible.

How much can I borrow?
Loans are available from £50 to £6,500

Do you cover all veterinary bills for all animals?
Yes, we cover any bill or portion of a bill, providing it is for a minimum of £250 and a maximum of £25,000. We provide finance for all treatments for all pets, equine and farm animals.

How do I apply?
Simply complete our eligibility checklist and online enquiry form and we’ll confirm if your vet is registered with us, or provide you with your nearest registered vet if your current vet isn’t registered. If you know your vet is already registered with us, you can ask your vet directly. You’ll then complete the application form at the vets, or your vet can email you a link to complete at your convenience.

My pet has already had treatment, can I still apply?
Yes, providing your vet is registered with us, so any treatment at a vets that is not registered with us is not covered.

Does applying affect my credit score?
All applications carry a full credit search which is registered on your credit file (a hard credit check). For more information on credit checks please read this Experian.co.uk consumer guide.

Is there any paperwork?
No. The application is completed and digitally signed online.

How long does it take to apply and get a decision?
The application takes around 5 minutes to complete and a decision is usually provided immediately. In some cases, a decision will be referred to the lenders underwriting team to make a decision which can take slightly longer.

What happens after I apply?
Your application will be processed, which includes a full credit check on you and any joint applicant. Once approved, the vet is updated that funding will be provided and (if applicable) that they can continue with the treatment of your pet straight away.

How do I pay?
Payment is automatically taken via Direct Debit from your personal bank details supplied at the time of application (if the application is in a family or friends details, the payments will be taken from their personal bank account).

Do I pay interest?
Only on interest bearing loans. There is no interest to pay on 0%APR loans.

Are there any other fees or charges?
All fees and charges will be clearly explained by your vet at the time of consultation.

What happens if I can’t make a payment?
If you feel you are having difficulty in fulfilling your monthly Direct Debit payments please contact us to discuss further. We may be able to come to a simple solution with you depending on your circumstances. It is important that you speak to us at the earliest point as ignoring this may affect your credit file.

Can I make additional payments, or pay off my loan early?
Yes, you can call the customer service number (supplied on your Welcome Pack) and make interim payments or settle early. There is no early repayment penalty and interest is calculated to the date of settlement. Please Note: if you make any additional/interim payments this will reduce the term of your loan only.

Can I use my own vet?
If your vet is registered with us, yes. If your vet isn’t registered with us, please get in touch – we may still be able to help by registering your vet, referring you to a nearby vet practice that is registered with us, or offering you a range of personal loans.

Do you have a list of vets I can use?
Please get in touch with us and we’ll let you know your nearest registered vet.

What if my vet isn’t registered with you?
Please get in touch – we may still be able to help by registering your vet, referring you to a nearby vet practice that is registered with us, or by offering you a range of personal loans.

Can I add further treatment costs if required?
Yes, there are a few ways this can be done depending on where you are at with your existing application/Agreement with your vet. If any further treatment is needed please speak to your vet who will discuss the options with you.

Who is the lender?
CarefreeCredit are a broker not a lender. Credit is provided by the external finance companies we use.

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What pet owners say about us

I was given an agreement which spread the cost of the remaining vets fees over a year. This was so helpful as it is interest free and removed the worry of having find a large amount in one go. I would certainly recommend this payment plan to other pet owners. It has given me peace of mind that if Riley should need help again exceeding the cover in place, I could pay in installments without accruing interest.

The credit we received was interest free over 12 months, which made the payments so much more manageable. A great service. With the joint effort from our vets and CarefreeCredit, we got almost another year with Max being back to his old self, a gift that we will forever be grateful for. On behalf of Max, myself and my family, thank you.

I cannot thank CarefreeCredit enough for everything they have done and I would 100% recommend their services. I will keep you up to date with Higgs progress as without you he would not be getting his surgery tomorrow.

Offers an affordable solution for people like myself who are working full time but do not have access to immediate funds due to the increasing cost of everyday life.