Do You Need Help With Your Vet Bill?

CarefreeCredit provide interest free and low cost payment options for veterinary clients, so that their pets can be given the best possible treatment without delay, and without worry over the costs. Vets can carry out optimal care, knowing that they will get paid for the work they do, whilst not having to worry about chasing debts.

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Helping Vets

2 Vets with a rabbit imageWe support vets so that they can do what they love and what they do best: treating every animal that comes under their care as if it was their own.

But vets have high costs – expensive equipment, highly trained staff and clinical premises – so they do need to charge fairly for what they do. And the last thing they want is to carry out treatment and then worry about whether they will get paid, or when.

CarefreeCredit pays the vet immediately and then collects the payments by direct debit from the pet owners over 12 or 24 months depending on what’s best for them.

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Helping Pet & Horse Owners

Pet owner with golden retriever imageWe hope it never happens. But if your pet falls ill and needs veterinary attention, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost. We want all animals to receive the care they need. We don’t want pet owners worrying about the cost, and we don’t want vets worrying about getting paid.

Pet owners can decide that rather than pay upfront payments for insurance that they may never use, they can take out an interest free or low cost payment option with CarefreeCredit only if the need should arise.

Example: £1000 treatment plan over 12 months is just £83.33 per month at 0% APR Representative.

If you do have pet insurance and find that the insurance does not cover all the costs of treatment, CarefreeCredit can cover the remainder. We do have a minimum loan size of £250 and a maximum of £25,000.

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I am clearly disappointed that my local vets does not subscribe to your service as it offers an affordable solution for people like myself who are working full time but do not have access to immediate funds due to the increasing cost of everyday life. I will most certainly make the recommendation to the vet that the service should be considered for the future.
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