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Mrs Walker

Quotation mark imageWhen Riley became ill we had insurance that we hoped would cover any illness or accident, should that need arise. However, his illness was quite protracted, and at the end of his treatment there was a considerable shortfall in the insurance payout.

At that point I asked about the free credit arrangement that was advertised in the surgery. My details were then taken and I was sent a link to the application form. This was easy to complete, and within a few days I was given an agreement which spread the cost of the remaining vets fees over a year. This was so helpful as it is interest free and removed the worry of having find a large amount in one go.

I would certainly recommend this payment plan to other pet owners. It has given me peace of mind that if Riley should need help again exceeding the cover in place, I could pay in instalments without accruing interest.

Joanne Wheeler

Quotation mark imageAfter taking my Labrador to see his vet I was faced with every pet owners worst nightmare. Being told that he needed urgent surgery, it would cost £3700, which had to be paid upfront before any treatment would start and the vet refusing any type of payment plan to help me was the beginning of the most worrying and stressful few weeks of my life.

Having no insurance to cover his treatment and struggling to get any help or advice from anywhere, I came across CarefreeCredit and within minutes of me contacting them I had received an email from the Head of Client Services, Debbie, who not only went out of her way to help but also showed she genuinely cared.

I was provided with a list of veterinary practices within my area who accepted CarefreeCredit and I was booked in to see a new vet the following day. Within a matter of days a payment plan was put in place, my Lab had a caring, friendly and helpful vet and an appointment was made to carry out the surgery needed.

I cannot thank CarefreeCredit enough for everything they have done and I would 100% recommend their services.

I will keep you up to date with Higgs progress as without you he would not be getting his surgery tomorrow. Thank you again Debbie, I will always be eternally grateful to you and CarefreeCredit.

Gillian Dickinson

Quotation mark imageI am clearly disappointed that my local vets does not subscribe to your service as it offers an affordable solution for people like myself who are working full time but do not have access to immediate funds due to the increasing cost of everyday life.

I will most certainly make the recommendation to the vet that the service should be considered for the future.

Lawrence Chittenden

Quotation mark imageAlthough Max is no longer with us, thanks to CarefreeCredit, we were able to have more time with our beloved dog Max. Unfortunately, Max’s poor health came at a time which was particularly tough for us financially, so the only option we had to cover the bills for his surgery, scans and medicine was through CarefreeCredit. This company works closely with our trusted veterinary surgery Wood Street Veterinary Hospital and their sister branch Holders Hill Veterinary Surgery. Our vets took great care of Max at all times and on all occasions, particularly Phil Barr, the surgeon whom carried out Max’s intricate heart surgery.

The credit we received was interest free over 12 months, which made the payments so much more manageable. A great service. With the joint effort from our vets and CarefreeCredit, we got almost another year with Max being back to his old self, a gift that we will forever be grateful for.

On behalf of Max, myself and my family, thank you.

What Practices Say About Us

James Weston, Anrich Vets

Quotation mark image

We used to provide interest free credit a number of years ago but stopped because of the admin work and the time it took to process an application. So, when we heard about CarefreeCredit, we were a bit sceptical. After speaking to Debbie, who is nothing short of a bundle of happiness, we decided to give it a go.

The dashboard is easy to understand and even easier to keep up-to-date with your applicants. The application process is so easy my 3 year old could probably do it. I have even timed a application from start to finish, 7 minutes it took and not a single sight of paper, or filing.

I believe even the best product is great until it goes wrong, but, in the very few instances it has (usually my own fault), Debbie has always been on the end of a phone to help me – not a call centre, not a receptionist. When I phone I sometimes don’t even need to give my name; Debbie answers and says “Hello James, how can I help…”. So not only do I get business that I would usually be unable to accommodate, we also get business referred from CarefreeCredit as they instruct people who contact them directly for Veterinary Care.

In the past 10 months I have received £20,000 worth of business thanks to CarefreeCredit!

Julie Hutton, Hilltop Veterinary Centre

Quotation mark imageWe’ve been with CarefreeCredit for a year. It’s great for the veterinary team as we can now offer a payment plan to help our uninsured clients and allow their pets to receive the care they need without exposing the practice to the risk of non-payment.

We’ve also found that many clients, who in the past may have struggled to make regular payments under an informal agreement with the practice, treat the credit agreement with a third party much more seriously and often decide to make full payment at the time of treatment after considering their options.

Pauline, Letchworth Veterinary Centre

Quotation mark imageDealing with CarefreeCredit has made a huge impact on our business, as we now have the confidence to offer services to clients that would normally be unable to settle their accounts immediately, especially in emergency circumstances.

This service allows us to help them & offer the same quality service without having to focus too much on the ever sensitive issue of finances when dealing with traumatic situations. Once the client is approved, which is a simple & incredibly quick experience, we can get on with the important task of saving their pet.

The initial setup was a daunting thought, especially dealing with all the confusing paperwork required by the FCA, BUT dealing with CarefreeCredit, namely Debbie the Client Services Manager, made this task simple & straight forward. Debbie is efficient, patient and thankfully extremely competent, so we flew through the application process with no problems at all. She explained the entire process to us step by step & totally removed all the confusion & stress from the process.

We are now in a much better position & can offer our clients beneficial & affordable payment options, with no loss to ourselves. We therefore highly recommend CarefreeCredit’s services to all fellow practices.

Sue Urquhart, Thistle Vets

Quotation mark imageAs a small animal practice we have on occasion been unable to give our clients the treatment and care for their pets that we wanted to, simply because the client could not afford it.

When we heard about CarefreeCredit it sounded ideal and so we contacted them. We had an introductory meeting with their representative Debbie Martin where she clearly explained the requirements and how it all worked and she was more than happy to answer our queries. She explained that due to us requiring Financial Conduct Authority authorisation the process could take up to 2 months.

There were a number of online applications and forms to fill in for the FCA authorisation and it did seem a bit daunting initially. However, Debbie was always on the other end of the phone, whenever we needed help or clarification and it made the task remarkably simple in the end.

We now have our FCA authorisation after only six weeks and are looking forward to offering our clients credit so that we can give their pets the care and treatment they deserve. We have been very impressed with the levels of help and support from CarefreeCredit to date.

Dr Diane Spencer, Abbey Road Practice

Quotation mark imageThe completion of the online FCA application was quite a challenge! A mixture of gobbledegook and repetition and in a language in which I am not fluent.

Fortunately, Debbie, Head of Client services at Carefree Credit, raced to my rescue both online and on the phone and then all was peace and clarity!

So, my advice is, don’t struggle for hours with all those pages, get Debbie onside, and that pesky form filling job will be done and dusted in no time!

Daniel Hamilton, Eville and Jones Ltd

Quotation mark imagePlease can I take this opportunity to show my thanks and appreciation for everything you did for me when I was filling out the online application form for the credit license. I genuinely would have not been able to complete this form without the help from you and others at Carefree Credit. Its re-assuring to know that any problems I had or may encounter in the future you guys are only a phone call away.

I look forward to the possibilities of working with you again in the future and I would recommend Carefree Credit to anyone who was in the same boots as me.

Thanks again and kind regards.

Emma McEwan, Wood Veterinary Group Limited

Quotation mark imageDue to changing the entity of the business, we needed to apply to the FCA for a new licence. This process was really daunting.

After printing off the application form to gather the appropriate information required for completion, there were questions that did not appear relevant or whose answers were not obvious – far from it actually!

I contacted Debbie at CarefreeCredit who talked me through the whole process, answering any questions I had, helping me make informed choices for answers and overall, being really supportive in the process. It took about an hour to complete the online application (much quicker than if I had been left to my own devices!).

I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with this process to speak to CarefreeCredit. Thank you Debbie!

Jayne, Kingston Vets

Quotation mark imageThe team at CarefreeCredit have maintained a supporting contact throughout the process of FCA approval. The otherwise daunting application has been made as simple as possible through their step by step guide documents, explanations and email support. Fantastic! Thank you.

Philip Barr, Wood Street Vet Hospital

Quotation mark imageAs a vet, I all too often have had to witness a pet-owner’s decision to put off much needed treatment, simply because they couldn’t afford the urgently-needed medical help required. This is very difficult for vets who want to treat and help every animal they see, but also have staff and drugs expenses to pay. Around 75% of British pet owners don’t have pet insurance, so I knew there had to be a way to save lives in such circumstances. That’s why I signed up with CarefreeCredit with its ability to provide 0% finance quickly for those in need of a loan to provide urgent treatment for their pets.